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Put A Stop To Frizzy, Unruly Hair!

Fort Myers Hair Straightening

Are you looking for a Fort Myers hair straightening solution to transform your frizzy, unruly locks?

At Bruce Todd Salon, we understand the struggle of dealing with more texture than you want when you only desire sleek, smooth hair.

No need to settle for the frizz another day!

Our pro stylists specialize in hair straightening services to take your hair from fuzzy to fierce.

We’re talking the kind of silky locks you can run your fingers through endlessly. The even better news is that we can do it all without causing stress to your hair.

Stress-Free Hair Straightening from the Experts

At Bruce Todd Salon, we have several innovative formulas available to give you exceptional smoothing and straightening results all while maintaining or even improving the health of your hair.

One thing you can count on at our salon is we will never perform a service that will knowingly damage your hair. Healthy hair is a top priority to each stylist on our team.

The color and style can be on point, but we know all too well that if your hair is damaged you are unlikely to be happy with the results.

From Japanese permanent treatments to Keratin protein and botanicals, we will find the ideal solution to meet your specific hair condition and goals. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Experience the Top Hair Straightening Services in Fort Myers

Ready to take a closer look at what you can expect from the hair straightening specialists at Bruce Todd Salon? Here’s what we offer:

  • All-Over Keratin Treatment 
    Achieve shinier, straighter, and healthier hair with this semi-permanent, curl-softening, hair-smoothing treatment. The process begins with your stylist using the highest quality clarifying shampoo to wash your hair and then blow-drying it prior to applying the treatment solution. Following another blow-dry, the stylist will use a flat iron to seal the treatment into the hair.
  • Keratin Per Area
    Do you have only certain areas of your hair that require smoothing? This treatment is designed for hair that has a few troublesome areas. Rather than treating the entire head of hair, the stylist will work with you to identify which sections need the Keratin treatment to help you achieve optimal results.
  • Botanical Treatments
    If your goal is hair that radiates health and shine, the Bruce Todd botanical treatments are an excellent choice. Featuring essential oils, this solution returns your scalp to a healthy condition, which provides the ideal foundation for your locks. The intensive moisturizing treatment will penetrate each strand of hair restoring balance from root to tip. You will be amazed by how great your hair will look and feel.
  • OXO Organic Permanent Hair Straightening (consultation required)
    OXO Organic is an innovative way to safely and permanently transform coarse, frizzy, and curly hair to smooth, straight, and shiny hair. There’s never been anything like it before.
 This organic formula suspends the Internal Textural ‘Memory’ of the sulfur bonds and safely transforms them, giving the hair a soft and sensual look and feel.
 This low pH formula contains no harsh chemicals, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, or Sulfur, and can be used safely on all clients. Unlike all types of straighteners, OXO Organic’s advanced formula poses no health risks, and preserves the integrity of the hair.
 It’s gentle, safe and the only smoothing treatment that is shampooed out of the hair before it’s straightened with an iron. This eliminates vapors and polluting chemicals that occur during the heating process.

    The professional team at Bruce Todd Salon can help you determine which hair straightening treatment is perfect for you.

We recommend you come in for a free, complimentary consultation before you schedule any of these services.

This enables our salon specialists to assess the condition of your hair and help you to determine the best action plan to achieve the straightening results you want.

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The professional team at Bruce Todd Salon can help you determine which hair straightening treatment is perfect for you.

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