Fort Myers Facial
Hair Removal

Trust Bruce Todd For A Delicate, Specialized Experience

Fort Myers Facial Hair Remval

When you are seeking Fort Myers facial hair removal, you likely already know you want a professional, discreet service that will provide you with effective, safe, and long-lasting results.

At Bruce Todd Salon, our facial hair removal specialists have mastered a wide range of waxing options. You can count on us to deliver the private and expert-level services you desire.

Facial hair removal isn’t something you want on blast. It’s a personal and sometimes even a sensitive subject. You may have some concerns and questions that are holding you back from scheduling the service.

We are here to put your mind at ease.

Facial Hair Removal in a Discreet, Professional Setting

Bruce Todd Salon has been providing flawless facial hair removal for our clients in the Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and Cape Coral communities for more than twenty years. We know this is the kind of service that requires training and expertise, which is why all of our estheticians receive thorough training on the latest in hair removal techniques.

Our clients return again and again, because they know they can count on a positive experience and the results they want. From the moment you enter our salon doors, we will make it our goal to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your esthetician. Plus, we spend time with you before your service to better understand your concerns, previous hair removal experiences, and your goals.

Options for Expert Facial Hair Removal Services

The service that’s right for you will depend upon your schedule, skin type, and desired results.

The Bruce Todd team will work closely with you to help you determine the ideal service to meet your personal needs.

We offer the following hair removal services from our qualified estheticians:

  • Waxing: The Fast Choice for Effective Hair Removal
    Our professional waxing services facilitate the maximum amount of hair removal in the shortest period of time. It’s a popular choice for many of our clients and is just as effective as threading techniques.
  • Cosmetic Stenciling Kits: Enhance Your Brows
    Do you have fine, barely-visible eyebrows that seem to have minimized the animation of your facial expressions?

A cosmetic stencil kit may be the answer. Our estheticians are happy to provide you with a complimentary application, so you can visualize just how effective the kit can be to give you the perfect eyebrow arch every time.

Schedule Your Facial Hair Removal Treatment Now

If you have questions or would like to book an appointment for Fort Myers facial hair removal services, connect with our team at Bruce Todd Salon today. Call 239-277-0098 or click here to book your appointment online.

Specialty Waxing Services:

  • Eyebrow wax ($15)
  • Lip Waxing ($20)
  • Combo Eye Brow/Lip ($30)
  • Bikini Wax ($40+)
  • Brazilian Wax ($45+)

Skin & Cosmetic Services:

  • Henna Brow Treatment ($30)
  • Eyebrow Tinting ($35)
  • Facial ($110)
  • Facial with Extractions ($85+)
  • Microdermabrasion ($120+)
  • Microblading ($250+)

Combination Packages:

  • Full Body Combination – Full Legs, Bikini, Under Arms, Lips and Brows ($125+)
  • Waxing Package with 3 or more areas… Save $5
  • Waxing Package with 4 or more areas… Save $10
  • Waxing Package with 5 or more areas… Save $15