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Gorgeous, Damage Free Hair Extensions

Fort Myers Hair Extensions

If you are looking into Fort Myers hair extensions, chances are good you are interested in a big change.

Whether you have an upcoming special event, or just want to enjoy longer, luxurious locks, our certified and highly trained specialists at Bruce Todd Salon are here to make your hair vision a reality.

Our hair extensions are not only beautiful and natural; they are also damage-free, so you can enjoy the process without worrying about any negative consequences for your hair down the road.

Even better, our stylists can make it happen in under an hour!

Choose the Trusted Pros for Your Hair Extensions

At Bruce Todd Salon, we’ve been serving clients in the Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and Cape Coral area for more than two decades. Clearly, this isn’t a new gig for us! Our stylists are highly trained and certified in the latest techniques and hair extension products on the market.

Let us help you to achieve that perfect look to fit your lifestyle and personality. Is your goal to create a longer hairstyle, or thicker, fuller look, or perhaps a highlighted effect? We can make that happen!

Our clients return to our salon season after season to maintain their fresh look, because they know we are the best at what we do. Bruce Todd stylists use only the top-of-the-line Remy products.

Made of 100% human hair, this hair extension product will enable you to maintain the natural look of your hair while providing enhancements in volume, length, and color.

Long gone are the days when you have to sit in the salon chair for hours to get hair extensions. Our stylists have developed a system for applying extensions that is incredibly simple and fast—and we do it all while keeping your hair intact, creating the most natural-looking results.

What Questions Do You Have about Fort Myers Hair Extensions?

It’s natural to have questions as you make the decision to get extensions.

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in our salon:

What are the available lengths, colors, and textures?

  • Our hair extensions are available in four different lengths—from 12 to 22 inches long. We also offer customized lengths.
  • We specially design textures to provide for a precise, natural blending for whatever hair style you desire.
  • We custom color-blend extensions to get a spot-on color match every time. Our selection includes a wide range of colors, from natural shades to fantasy hues and pastels.

How long will my extensions last?

The level of care greatly impacts the longevity of hair extensions. However, a typical lifespan is from three months to one year.

Your Bruce Todd extensions specialist will make sure you have all the details and care tips you need to extend the life of your new look as long as possible.

How often is appropriate to wash my new extensions?

You can shampoo your hair extensions as often as you do your normal hair. Daily or every other day is fine, depending on your routine and activity level.

Our specialists suggest using extension-safe shampoos and conditioners, which they can recommend, to give your new hair the nutrients it needs. When it comes to styling, you are free to curl, flat iron, or air dry your extensions as you desire. Because extensions from Bruce Todd Salon are 100% human hair, there is no limit to styling tools or techniques.

Your New Fort Myers Hair Extensions Are a Call Away

Are you ready to do this?

Get excited and contact the Bruce Todd Salon team today at 239-277-0098 or click here to book your appointment online to get answers to your questions about our hair extension services!


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