Major Makeovers Make You Feel Glamorous

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Its amazing what the right hair, makeup and photography can do for your self-esteem.

We recently have been working with a wonderful photographer named Celine Michelle creating beautiful empowering images that bolster the self esteem and make you feel like a supermodel, supermom, super grandma… or whatever SUPER you are looking for!

We start with a willing client and begin the magic with a customized glamor makeup session with one of our staff, then style and finish the hair before the lights, camera and ACTION begin!

Its a truly amazing experience to watch the physical transition take place.

Then after the photo session begins, you start to see the model come out her shell. A twinkle in the eye and a flirty pout in the lips begins the truly transformative experience.

Interested in experiencing this amazing process?

Call us at 239-772-7755 and let’s set up a consultation for you to take center stage and feel GLAMOROUS!!!

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