Confessions Of A Makeup Addict!

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About a year ago I was introduced to the world of the SUBSCRIPTION BOX. Now, some or most of you may never have heard of this subscription box that I speak of, but let me tell you about this amazing service so you can get yourself one!! First, let me tell you how I heard about this amazing service. Here’s my story.  One day while perusing through Facebook as I often do, I came across … Read More

I Hear Wedding Bells

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Take it from me, planning a wedding is full of emotion. It’s one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t come without stress. Over a year ago, I experienced this myself. So it happened, HE FINALLY POPPED THE QUESTION!! Now its time to get the ball rolling on the dream wedding! BUT WHERE TO START? If your anything like me you have many creative ideas running through your mind and … Read More

Major Makeovers Make You Feel Glamorous

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Its amazing what the right hair, makeup and photography can do for your self-esteem. We recently have been working with a wonderful photographer named Celine Michelle creating beautiful empowering images that bolster the self esteem and make you feel like a supermodel, supermom, super grandma… or whatever SUPER you are looking for! We start with a willing client and begin the magic with a customized glamor makeup session with one of our staff, then style … Read More