Cape Coral Facial
Hair Removal

Let Us Handle This Sensitive, Personal Task

Cape Coral Facial Hair Removal

Bruce Todd salon has offered Cape Coral facial hair removal, threading, and waxing options for many years now, and our customers love our discreet and professional atmosphere.

Our very first priority is to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with our esthetician, so we always take a little extra time on your first visit to better understand your goals, concerns, and waxing, threading, or stenciling experiences.

Depending on your schedule and vision, you may be interested in one of the following services:

Threading is ideal for men and women with sensitive skin.
If you’re the type of person who is prone to acne breakouts, skin tears, or burns, then “Threading” maybe a better choice for you. Using a centuries-old practice, we can remove unwanted facial hair and achieve the same hair removal and brow shaping results as much more modern techniques.Threading is completely hypoallergenic, and may be perfect if you have allergy issues. Most salons only offer waxing. We’re proud to offer this more personal, hand-crafted alternative.

Waxing is much quicker.
Waxing allows for the maximum amount of hair to be removed in the shortest period of time and works just as well as threading… It’s just different.

Cosmetic Stencil Kits.
If you have fine, hard-to-see eyebrows that have left your expression less animated, you may want to consider a cosmetic stencil kit. These kits help you get the perfect arch every time, and we’re happy to give you a complimentary application.

Call 239-772-7755 to learn more about our various hair-removal options and schedule your first appointment today! You can also click here to book your appointment online.


  • Wax (One Area) – $17
  • Wax (Two Areas) $30.00