Cape Coral Hair
Color Correction

Create A One-Of-A-Kind, Special Look!

Cape Coral Hair Color Correction

Bruce Todd Salon is a leading provider of Cape Coral hair color correction services.

We know from experience that the amount of ammonia contained in store bought hair dyes and products offered at other salons can be detrimental in maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

Think about it: Ammonia is used primarily for cleaning your oven and removing tarnish from brass or silver…

Why would you ever want to put it in your hair?!?!

Unfortunately this highly caustic chemical is a main ingredient in most over-the-counter hair color products.

Did you know that most store-bought box colors contain up to 65% Ammonia? Ammonia will begin to destroy your hair shafts and cuticles almost immediately after the first application. Another unfortunate side effect is color fade…

And over time, you’ll be stuck with dry, brittle hair and a faded look.

If you color your hair regularly and have signs of damage, we can help.

At Bruce Todd Salon, color correction is our specialty. Our color specialists use Goldwell hair coloring products to create a one-of-a-kind, highly-specialized look based on the needs and integrity of your hair.

We’ve partnered with Goldwell because of their commitment to research and development.

Our relationship with Goldwell allows us to offer:

Silk lift: An amazing, damage-free highlighting crème specifically created for stressed hair.
Colorance: An oxidative semi-permanent hair color that’s ammonia-free! Colorance provides intensive, durable color results with superior shine on all hair types, and will leave your hair feeling more healthy than it has in years.
TopChic: 72 beautiful shades all custom formulated for your skin tone and fashion needs.
Nectaya: An ammonia-free, organically-derived permanent hair color.


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