You Can’t Get Supernatural From A Supermarket

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Being that Bruce Todd salon is a Goldwell Alliance Salon, we would like to use this opportunity to educate you on the importance of having your hair professionally colored, VS a DIY job you found on Pinterest!!

6 facts helping you understand why you should just leave it to the pros:

Fact number 1:

Box color is a “one-size fits all” color it is not specially formulated for your hair, taking into concideration texture, untertones, and actual color of hair. Which is why that beautiful Sahara blonde you thought you were getting, turned out to be “Tony the Tiger” orange!

Fact Number 2:

Take into consideration how easy it is to see the back of your own head…

Fact Number 3:

Professionals have a trained eye to see what is really going on with your hair. They spent time learning and understanding the EXACT science of how to give you the most beautiful looking color, based on your style, your lifestyle and your coloring needs.

Fact Number 4:

Boxed colors do not have the PIZZAZZ that professional color has!! It fades, it is not as rich, and it is awful on your hair, not to mention, most of the DO-IT-YOURSELFERS, like to run the color through the ends of the hair everytime they do a root touch-up, which in turn causes a build up of color, making your color look muddy and your hair less managable.

Fact Number 5:

Box color absolutely has a higher PH level than any known professional color. What does that mean to you? Well, ph is measured 0-14, (14 is the ph level of NAIR!!!) boxed hair color has a ph level of 12.5. So, this is the reason, when you box color your hair and run it through the ends over and over, the ends of your hair look like cow food! 🙂

Fact Number 6:

And Finally, let’s be perfectly honest… Professional hair colorists know ALL the dish, and who wants to miss out on that??!!!

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