I Hear Wedding Bells

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Take it from me, planning a wedding is full of emotion.

It’s one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t come without stress.

Over a year ago, I experienced this myself. So it happened, HE FINALLY POPPED THE QUESTION!! Now its time to get the ball rolling on the dream wedding! BUT WHERE TO START?

If your anything like me you have many creative ideas running through your mind and want to execute them ALL… I wanted special dances and songs and singers and decorations, the WHOLE bit! On top of having a beautiful wedding, us brides feel the need to be the most beautiful woman in the room on that special day!! We want our hair done to perfection, our makeup to look flawless and our skin to glow.

Time to search for just the right people to service your needs.

When looking for the perfect hair style understand two things; one, your hair’s texture and length.

Look for something that your hair can realistically maintain throughout the entire evening. And two ,the weather. Here in Florida we know that our hair has one enemy, HUMIDITY! If you know that it will be humid and warm that day, its in your best interest to consider something that will be pinned up, that way, the style stays sleek and subdued the ENTIRE evening.

As far as makeup and skin is concerned, I personally spent some time finding out what colors were going to be just right for me. Foundation is KEY.. You really need to find a foundation that stays on no matter what the weather or which emotions take hold! Everyone is different in what their preference is, so really spend some time looking into different options.

Sephora has a wonderful samples program where you can sample any product you desire before purchase!

When it comes to making appointments, it is very important that you make your appointments regarding your wedding as soon as you have a date. This way you can ensure that your stylist is available on that date. Its best to make a trial 4-6 weeks before the wedding to ensure you and the stylist have plenty of communication on what you want.

Also, make sure at that appointment you discuss making any changes to the color then, and book the appointment for the earliest ( about a week before the wedding).

Weddings are so exciting to plan and lots of fun, just be sure to allow yourself ENOUGH time to do everything, it will keep your stress level as low as possible and make the planning experience that much more enjoyable!!

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