Confessions Of A Makeup Addict!

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About a year ago I was introduced to the world of the SUBSCRIPTION BOX.

Now, some or most of you may never have heard of this subscription box that I speak of, but let me tell you about this amazing service so you can get yourself one!!

First, let me tell you how I heard about this amazing service. Here’s my story.  One day while perusing through Facebook as I often do, I came across a link that lead me to a website called Ipsy. I clicked on it because it said… “FIVE DELUXE BEAUTY SAMPLES A MONTH” Try new makeup EVERY SINGLE MONTH FOR $10 a MONTH??!!


Anyhow, I clicked on the link and it brought me to a website where it asked me questions about my preferences and what I was willing to try.  If you know anything about me and my addiction to beauty products, you know the magic words, FREE AND SEMI-FREE products?  How could I resist? I waited patiently for my little pink package to arrive what did I receive?  Five deluxe sample sized products as promised; a YUMMY pumpkin spice flavored lip scrub, and scrumptious pumpkin scented and self-heating face mask.

I also received a beautiful pinky mauve shade liquid lipstick, and a garden scented hand cream! I loved everything in the bag, but decided to purchase the four items that really suited my taste and couldn’t live without!

What I love about the idea of Ipsy, is the no obligation to buy, and it opens the door to products you may never come across.

ALSO, the sample sizes are big enough to REALLY try them.

Ipsy opened my eyes to subscription beauty products and led me to my next great find, BOXYCHARM.

This box is very similar however all of the products are full sized which is AWESOME! The box is a little pricier but well worth it.  It costs $20 a month and the products are more prestigeous.

These are the types of products you find at Ulta and Sephora.

Being a good beauty investigator, I did a little research and looked into the whole world of BEAUTY BOXES.  To my surprise there were options for every taste and budget.

Here’s what I found.

FabFitFunFabFitFun – $49 a quarter (ships quarterly) This box features items for the fit and fabulous ladies who like a little bit of it all in their lives.  You will find things such as healthy snack options to beauty products in this box.

Also, a fun fact, Guliana Rancic is the founder of this subscription service!

BirchBoxBirchBox – $10 Ships Monthly this is one of the ORIGINALS!  These boxes typically includes a variety of samples, deluxe samples, and occasional full sized items.



Ipsy Subscription BoxIpsy – $10 Ships Monthly this box wields mostly sample sizes and a lot of over-the-counter makeup.  It is a good way to start your subscription addiction!



Morph Brushes MorphMe – $20s ships monthly this subscription is LIFE!!  For those of you who think that spending $40 plus dollars on ONE makeup brush is absurd… this subscription is for YOU!!

As much as I LOVE beauty products I have a REALLY hard time spending that kind of money on ONE brush!  So this subscription sends you 3/5 brushes a month.  You can cancel it at any time.

But in my opinion, you can’t have enough brushes 🙂


Yuzen Subscription BoxYuzen – $33 Ships Quarterly/ this is a box of FULL SIZED all natural products.



Julep JuneJulep – $19.99 ships monthly/a nail polish and nail products box!  This one might be the next one I add to my list!!


ScentBirdScentBird – $15 ships monthly /another one I will add allows you to create a que to request the scents you would like to try.  In your first shipment you will receive a spray bottle that you will fill with your fragrance.  I LOVE the idea of this subscription!

And finally of course…

BoxyCharmBoxyCharm – $25 ships monthly this is the box that I am currently subscribed to and I LOVE IT!!  All FULL Sized Prestige products!  I feel this is totally worth the money!

To conclude, the subscription box is the next craze in beauty sampling and I feel it is well worth the money.

You definitely are able to decide whether or not a product is good for you within the time it takes you to use it!

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    1. Hey Brian! We sure do… Happy to help you with a cut and style. Give us a call at 239-772-7755 and we can set you up!

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